One of Australia’s Largest

Packer & Exporter of Fresh Citrus


Our Fruit

From oranges to table grapes to avocados, Mildura Fruit Company partners with companies around the globe to provide fresh, top quality fruit.

Our Story

Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) began operation as the Mildura Co-operative Fruit Company more than 110 years ago. Since 1904, we have grown to become one of Australia’s largest packer and exporter of fresh citrus.

Our Growers

Growers are the lifeblood of our business. In Australia, Mildura Fruit Company’s citrus is sourced from more than a hundred growers.


Our Markets

Mildura Fruit Company exports fruit to more than 40 countries worldwide.


Our Process

Packing such a huge quantity of fruit requires a well-oiled machine and our production team skilfully manages the intake of in excess of 75 million kilograms of fruit per season.