Mildura Fruit Company’s production process is second-to-none. Our 5 hectare facility has the ability to process over 55 tonne of fruit per hour, and can run for up to 14 hours per day in peak season. Such a large quantity of fruit requires a well-oiled machine, and our production team skillfully manages the intake of in excess of 75 million kilograms of fruit per season.

With certification from most major domestic supermarkets, along with SQF and HACCP, Mildura Fruit Company pack fruit in a clean, safe manner which means our customers are rewarded with a world-class end product. Every piece of fruit is weight and inspected by a 162 camera, 18 Lane automatic grader which sends each piece of fruit to a specific packing station. Suction caps are then used to efficiently package the fruit. Once the fruit is packaged, it is palletised and then transported by a dedicated fleet of truck to the cool rooms at a nearby cold storage and loading facility. It is then ready to be loaded onto a truck, train or ship and be delivered to our customers.

Craig Chappell – Production Manager

Craig Chappell leads our production team and has been in the fruit packing game for decades. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the industry to ensure that fruit is packed for the right market in the right manner and of the best quality. His knowledge and experience is a great asset to Mildura Fruit Company and is a large part of why the fruit we pack is world class.