Growers are the lifeblood of our business. In Australia, Mildura Fruit Company’s citrus is sourced from more than a hundred growers, some whom have been sending their fruit to us for more than 20 years.

Mildura Fruit Company’s humble beginning as a grower-owned co- operative has ingrained Grower Service into our culture. We are Australia’s only packer with a dedicated Grower Service department. MFC grower service personnel are out on farm year round to provide technical expertise, which enhances the quality and taste of the fruit. And thanks to the MFC grower services department, citrus grown in the Mildura region is world-renowned.

A large part of the education and development of our growers is credited to John Chavarria, a leading citrus technologist who has been visiting our growers from Valencia, Spain for more than 20 years. John’s technical and practical experience, together with provision of training in the form of a Masters Degree in citrus from the University of Spain gives our growers unparalleled access to world-leading citrus growing technology. John readily shares his vast knowledge with our growers three times a year when he visits Mildura and once more when our growers go to Spain on our annual study tour.

Working alongside John, MFC Grower Services have created the MFC Citrus Orchard Protocol, a guide that uses MFC’s long history of research and development to assist our suppliers in growing and harvesting fruit of the very best quality.

Together with an approachable and knowledgeable team, the MFC Citrus Orchard Protocol makes Mildura Fruit Company the best place for Australian citrus growers to send their fruit.

Grower Service Team

If you are a citrus grower and would like to get in touch with our Grower Service Team for any information please use the Contact Us button at the top of the page and your enquiry will be answered by one of our team members as soon as possible.


Bill Robinson

Grower Services Manager


Justin Lane

Grower Services Technical Manager


Rohan Ashley

Grower Services Representative