MFC packed citrus is as safe as the citrus packed by any commercial operation, anywhere in the world. All MFC growers must manage their orchards in strict compliance with a detailed Citrus Orchard Protocol. This protocol details “world’s best citrus growing practice” and lists the chemical type / rate / timing that is to be applied. The Citrus Orchard Protocol is MFC’s approved supplier program and is a key component of our HACCP based quality management system, SQF 2000. Our growers’ adherence to approved supplier program requirements is audited independently by SGS. In addition to responsible, disciplined use of chemicals for citrus production, MFC suppliers have the advantage of growing citrus in a low rainfall situation; (less than 12 inches or 300 mm per year). As a result, many of our growers produce citrus without the need for high levels of insecticides or fungicides, other than commonly used copper sprays. Most of Mildura Fruit Company’s growers apply integrated pest management to manage insect pest populations and only apply insecticides selectively, when pest populations exceed threshold levels. The arid citrus growing conditions around Mildura, and MFC’s growers’ commitment to manage their orchards in compliance with the MFC Citrus Orchard Protocol, delivers the highest possible food safety assurance to the ultimate consumer of MFC packed citrus.


Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) was one of Australia’s first fruit packing companies to obtain ISO 9002 accreditation for its Quality Management System.

In late 1998, MFC changed its accreditation to the SQF code – a HACCP based quality management system, which is especially appropriate for the food industry. (SQF stands for Safe Quality Food).

MFC ensures pack quality remains consistent to meet our customer’s specifications. This is maintained by inspection by our accredited Quality Control (QC) team.

Packed product that fails inspection is put on hold then re-inspected, re-sorted and re-packed or rejected. MFC does not make commercial decisions about quality.